Efficient and affordable consulting services provided by experts.

We are here to help.

With our expertise, we help you plan and start your hydroponics farm for domestic and commercial purposes. From the very start to completion and even after, we are here, ready to help.
Our consultation sessions are efficient and affordable.

Plan better.

We advise you on how to plan your business depending on your needs and resources. We help you understand the challenges in the agribusiness industry and enable you to make your business efficient and profitable. 

Choose right.

We offer our professional support in choosing the best hydroponic system to suit your needs and budget. With our expertise, we are available and ready to help you choose the most efficient hydroponics system. 

Work smart.

As soon as you have your business running, we advise on system maintenance and crops management. When you encounter any challenge e.g pests or diseases, our specialists are here to help. 

Our experts

We are a team. Our shared experience is essential for our customers and us. We continuously learn about new methods and practices in hydroponic farming. Through our services, we aim to share our experience with you.

Dr Peter Chege

Dr Peter Chege Gichuku CEO & Founder. He has a Hon PhD in Science, Masters Certificate in Business Management & Leadership and Bsc Degree in Analytical Chemistry. His role is to steer the company in research, social impact investments and entrepreneurship. In his spare time Peter enjoys reading and learning about success stories that have impacted the lives of many for the better.  Dr Peter C. is an expert advisor on choosing the right systems for your business. Dr Peter C. is a well-respected professional with vast experience, always happy to share his knowledge.

Paul Kamau

Paul has an MBA in Strategic Management and is a Bachelor of Commerce and Certified Public Accountant of Kenya.
Paul is our best consultant on planning and organising a businesses from an administrative perspective. His knowledge is precious to our team and highly valued by our customers.

Wahongo Ayub James​

Ayub holds a degree in Crops Horticulture and Soils. He is an experienced agronomist qualified and ready to advise you to plan, maintain and protect your crops. Ayub is continuously adding to his experience by learning and solving problems for our customers.

James Wainaina

James is a research specialist, and he holds a Diploma in Laboratory Sciences. Like Ayub, James is one of our best consultants in crop maintenance and crop protection. His background and experience make him an irreplaceable member of our consulting team.

How we work.

First, get in touch using the form below. Please give us some details about the problem you are facing. As soon as we receive your request, our consultants will assess the situation and make a plan on how to address it.
Some problems can be resolved over the phone, others require our physical presence at your site, and sometimes, you can get the advice by visiting us at our demo farm. So, get in touch, we are here to help.

Tell us about your problem.

We will get back to you with a plan of consultation.
Please mention your availability.

Contact us.

Phone No. 1: +254722956647
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Working hours: Monday – Saturday: 08:00 – 17:00

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