Plant Responsive Systems

Be smart.
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Intelligent irrigation for superior yields.

What it is?

Plant Responsive System is a disruptive irrigation technology based on organic chemistry that provides the best solution to irrigation farming.
Our intelligent drip solution is an innovative and precise irrigation tubing system that communicates directly with plants to regulate irrigation delivery.

How it works?

Using the basis of plant physiology and organic chemistry, the intelligent drip system innovative and precise subsurface irrigation tube interacts and responds to chemical signals released by plants’ roots. This chemically infused microporous tubing will hold water and nutrients until root exudates have been emitted, which triggers the release of water. This plant-intelligent drip system provides a slow-release delivery of water that matches the roots’ absorption capacity. Since the plant automated its water delivery, there is less stress on the plant, resulting in higher crop yields.

It does not use sensors or any energy source and has a life span of 12 years.

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Plant Responsive Systems?

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